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Where can I find the Submission Requirements?

You can find the submission requirements in the downloadable brief.

Can  I  submit  my  thesis  project?

Yes. Any academic or unbuilt project is eligible for the award.

What  is  the  Registration  process?

  • Select your desired Category from the "Category" section on our website

  • Submit the Registration form

  • You will receive a payment link via email within 12 hours

  • Kindly make the payment within 12 hours after which the link will expire.

  • Once the payment is complete, you will receive your 'Unique Participant Code' via email.

Can I submit multiple projects for more than one category? If so, how do I go about it?

Yes. Participants are free to participate in as many categories as they would like to. You may register for your desired category through the "Categories" section on our website. Please note that you must register for each category individually.

If I submit more than 1 entry do I get a discount on the registration fee for second entry?

Yes. You will receive a 10% discount* on the registration fee for further entries. 

What is the payment method for participants?

Payment for International participants is via PayPal and National (Indian) participants is via PayU.

Is this award only for academic projects?

Gaudi Architecture Prize is not restricted to only academic projects. Any unbuilt design and idea project is eligible as long as you are a current student or a recent graduate of 2017 & later. 

I work with a furniture design company, can I submit one of our designs for the Furniture design award?

This award is meant to recognize the "Unbuilt" design projects of current students and recent graduates and is not open to professionals and design firms. If you are a student and the design is your intellectual property, then you may participate as an individual but not as a representative of a company. Also, in respect to furniture design, the product you wish to submit must not have been executed and sold commercially.

Will I receive a participation certificate if I do not win?

Yes. All participants will receive a participation certificate.

Can  I  submit  a  group  project?

Yes. Group projects are allowed and restricted to 4 members per group.

What  is  the  Submission  process?

  • Create a .zip folder containing all the given Submission Requirements with your  'Participant Code' as folder name

  • Upload the folder on We Transfer or Dropbox and copy the link

  • Paste the link and submit your entry through the Submission portal on our website.

My project is eligible for two categories, can I register for it in both? 

Yes. For example, if your project is a Museum, it will be eligible under both Cultural building and Public building award categories. In such cases, you may register for both categories. However, you must register for each category individually.

When will I receive my participant code?

You will receive the Unique Participant Code via email once you have completed the payment.

I am from the Netherlands, can I also participate?

Yes. This award is open to all nationalities.

When is the deadline to submit my work and how do I know if you received my submission?

The deadline to submit all entries is 20th October 2020 (11:59pm IST)

You will be notified via email once we receive your entry.

If I submit multiple entries, How many of my projects can win an award?

You will stand a chance of winning more than one award, should your project be worthy of both categories.

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